First Birthday Nur Khalisha Zaraa. :)
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Assalamualaikum.. tak jawab dosa,, jawab?? pahalaa... :) tanggal 4/2/2012, my first niece on my mother's side turned 1!!! Congratulation!!! Nur Khalisha Zaraa, you have seen the world for a year, so, this place isn't bad right? hahahaha. ok, so, my aunt decided to organize a party, like I said on a post before this post, so, yeah, the party went quite well, despite the bad children and the crying. :D Makanan yang dimasak amat banyak sehingga kami yang terpaksa habiskan. hahaha. BLOATED gila on that day. :D A party will never be complete without some photos right? so, these are the photos during the preparation and during the party. :) It's nice when all the family members gather in one house and do all the work together. Well, yang besar-besar je kot, yang kecik-kecik ni, datang je, bukak komputer akak sedare aku. hahahaha. Bak kata akak sedare aku "Lebih baik diorang senyap sambil main komputer daripada buat bingit and mengganggu orang lain kerja" Thumbs up for you kakngah. hahaha.

Kamen Rider. :D

Icha with ayah ngahnya a.k.a Haziq a.k.a Aku. :D

Budak-budak syok tgk channel NGEO. :D

Preparing the balloons for the party. :D

Ain't she the cutest baby ever? ngee~

Another picture of Ichaa with me. She loves me. :D

Present from her father a.k.a my cousin. She's shopaholic. :D

Waiting for the du'a to finished up. :D

She's a boy, trapped inside a girl's body. :D
Gila balloon budak ni.

Wait patiently sementara balloon ditiup. :D

Ramai gila guestnya. =="

She's playing with one of the deco. =="
tak jadi put up these things sebab dia dah koyakkan. =="

With Busu a.k.a akak sedare aku. :D
Muka penat. :D

Yellow shirt, my uncle yg dah tua tp still immature. :D

Before partying, a little tahlil. :D
"Ada tahlil, baru doa diperkenan" kata Tok Andak. :D

Make a wish princess Icha. :D

Playing with some other babies. :D

Hujung - Tok Wan (my grandmother)
Tengah wearing spectacles - My cousin. :D
Hujung with no tudung on - My sista, Farhah. :D

Ichaa with one of her aunt. :D
The smiles a little awkward smile though.

Ransacking the deco with pak riz. :D

So many people. =="

With her grandfather (my uncle)

One of the present she got, an arabic educational laptop. :D

My brother and my sister. :D

Le' birthday cake. :D

Masquerade party yaww!

She loves the balloons.
Love it more when the balloons exploded. =="

Eat!!!! Eat you d*** guest.
I'm tired of cooking it for you guys. haha!

Another immature uncle. :D

Yes Icha, you're the birthday girl. :D

Bored with du'a. hahaha. xD

This is my table people!!
So please, GTFO. :D

Dude, really? ==" dengan akak sendiri pon jadik. =="

hah, sumbat, sumbat. :D

All the girls in the family. :D

Serius mukanya bila memasak. :D

So, ini lah beberapa gambarnya. :D Comel kan? hee~

Haziq. :D
Lots Of Love



Selamat Berbual. :D

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